What A Day
  • that_music
  • The sun is always being a creeper…

    • aujustin

      I used to have a window next to the shower and that sun always peeked in on me.

    • But creepers die in sunlight.

      • No, they don't they don't spawn during the day, causing most of the ones that are far away from the player to despawn.

  • Grammar fail, panel 4.

    Yeah, I'm calling you out like that, cause that's how I roll!

    • It's either been fixed or you're wrong.

      • Joshua Browning

        Check again and look closely.

  • the sun has shadow, on the sun! You're blowing my mind justin!

    • aujustin

      I wonder if the sun can get a 5 o'clock shadow…

      There are a lot of questions after reading what I just typed. To the sun, 5 o'clock doesn't mean a lot, since 5 o'clock is kind of an earth thing and not a sun thing. To the sun, its daylight all the time everywhere.

      Also, the sun is the sun and probably can't grow facial hair. If it could, however, it would have to be able to withstand the heat.

      Whoops, just typed a bunch of semi-random nonsense.

      • daft

        but semi-random nonsense is the best kind of nonsense, with out it I would have nothing to say.

  • Jack

    Dinner and a movie first, buddy!

  • So solar prominences are just the Sun extending a hand. Interesting.

  • Zach

    Its just that…..mmmmm…..the sun is sooooooooo hotttttttttttttttt.

  • roma424

    I know. I hate when sun does that.. 🙂

  • daft

    the sun and I are just acquaintances, every once in a while I give him the double thumbs up and a "keep up the good work." one time the sun invited me over for some beers, it was real awkward, I came wearing spf google sunblock and left early. he wasn't to weird or anything, we just did not have much to talk about and I like my body to be in an ashless state.

  • Meorge

    bu-dum tish!

  • loopadoop

    "look at that SUN!"
    Actually, don't.
    Wait, I think I get it now.
    He looked at the sun…
    He was blinded…
    So he turned the sun down…
    Baecause he didn't see…
    Bad pun yay

  • In panel 4, I read Sun as son

  • lol this is so funny

  • boides disease man

    The sun must be very HOT in order to stay him in the first.

  • Madame Kagamine

    The sun just wants to be loved. ;-;

  • Dude, the sun is a Dawg. …a sun dawg!