The Fridge
  • Justin Barnes

    Science has many strange demands… But it's WORTH IT!!!

  • Justin Barnes

    By the way, I recommended this on stumbleupon.

  • Rainbow

    You can get trapped in a fridge, you know. :/ Be careful. 😛

    • Bart

      how? you just push the door…

      • daft

        older fridges locked. many were also lead lined, presumably in case of nuclear attack.

        • mistermachino

          Indiana Jones!!

  • Joey

    I have an old fridge that actually latches.

  • roma424

    omg I do this all the time when I clean the fridge..I play hide n seek 😉

  • NFQ

    I love this one. Any of my labmates could be that guy.

  • TBD

    Time is on the wrong line 😛
    You want to take a shorter path to a future point on the timeline.

  • Lanester

    Gotta have priorities 🙂 haha

  • Icalasari

    …Dammit now I need to find an unplugged old refrigerator and hide in it

    :< Why must I love small places?

  • You know, all the time machine needs is an alarm clock. Set the alarm clock in the time you want to go to, go inside the fridge and wait. The travel takes some time.

  • You should be careful, you could die if you got caught.
    But hey, you're doing science and you're still alive.
    ( o )

  • omg I know the guy from your comic, it's actually my silly brother lol

  • Geeky

    That guy just grew like 5 inches or so when he sat in that fridge! Maybe the fridge already has time traveling properties!! O: