• Hallenz

    He could totally tickle his own feet without bending down.

  • Now you have three. (Webcomics, not arm joints, but if you're in the market, I know a guy.)

    • aujustin

      I might take you up on that. Can never have too many joints.

      • Hamada

        You mean Knees? I'm pretty sure you mean knees.

      • Bart

        you can never have too many joints… true, oh so true

  • Two things, a) That's hilarious. b) How have I not seen this before? RSS'd.

    • hooray for RSS… i wouldn't be able to follow half the comics i do without it. this one looks super promising; can't wait for more

  • I now realize that this just started today, so it's not that I missed it. I have about 5 minutes before this goes mainstream! 😛

  • Z.G.

    Never enough elbows???

  • Anh

    Is this that secret that you've been keeping secretive, but have now secreted? If yes, I like it!

    • aujustin

      Yup, this was the secret =)

  • Fuipui

    Yay for comments! I love LHT and your new lil' project!

  • Woo never enough comics. I like. RSS'd so hard.

  • Zach

    In the 1940s, it would have had to have been based on longest fingers.

  • You know what they say about men with long arms. They always have big TVs.

  • Where's my TV? That's why I came to check out this comic, it says you have won a TV. It was on the internet so it's got to be true.

  • roma424

    hurray for long wiggly arms!

  • being 6' 10" and having the arm span the length of a Volvo, I would love this idea!

  • daft

    I want a free 76" tv, can I join the thingy.

  • soph

    i could win a good size tv mayn thats awesome lol

  • mistermachino

    Thumbs up for tiny arms!
    |V ~ Fox (or something)

  • Levon Mentz

    Haha, it's Mr Tickle! That reference will be completely lost if you've never heard of the Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves. Dunno if you have them in the US, which is where I assume you are.

    • Brynn

      We do. I volunteered at an elementary schoollibrary, and those were always checked out. 🙂

  • The one guy has a green shirt. could it be John

    • Brynn

      OHMIGOD IT IS JOHN. //homestuck reference
      Can't he use his MAGIC to make his arms longer?!

  • If I ever become a cyborg, I want to get another joint or two in each leg, the better to fit into cramped seating.

  • Dave_Harmon

    So he gets a flex-screen?