Zero G Flight
  • More like your face…

  • Ren

    I just love how no one is happy about it.

  • Bart

    theyre happy its just in zero g they had to frown so it would look like a smile

  • Devin

    I get to fly on it for my coursework 🙂

    • Really?! Awwww man, that's so awesome. Is it as cool as I think it is?

      • Devin

        Not sure yet, I'll let you know in a year when I do it!

        • Willy

          Dude !
          It's been a year 😀

          • Haha, yes it has! We wanna know about the flying thing =)

  • Matt

    My friend and I won a contest to do this! It was awesome! (

  • Lisa

    Why doesn't he have a shirt on while peeing on a plane?

    • Hmmm, yeahhhh. It does kinda look like that. The early days of IB at their finest =)

      I've made a mental note to make sure that the only time their bodies are white is when they don't have shirts on!

  • Josh

    Sadly enough, they are kinda having the same problem in space, the last mission to space for the US is to repair the space crapper

  • Some Useless Geek

    Oh, great. Now I have another really phunny webcomic whose archive I need to go through. Lucky for me I’ve been puking sick for a week; I’ll have time to catch up.

    But you better not make this thing so good that I spend all my time hitting F5! That would suck out loud!

    • Welcome to the site man! I would recommend reading the about page. Like, the whole thing. Trust me on this one 😉

  • Maddie

    I can't get the bonus panel to work on this one 🙁 love your work though!!

  • __—-

    If there is no toilet where did he go exactly huh!?!