Held Back
  • Fred

    Is my internet back yet? love it.

  • Dave

    Just a heads up that the folks over at rec.juggling (http://www.jugglingdb.com/news/thread.php?group=1&offset=0&thread=170709&id=252707) love this.

  • Mefromfarway

    This is what is happening to me every night since I decided not to turn on my computer at home…it is amazing!

  • This is what would happen to me, except they'd have to disable my Solitaire-playing abilities as well, since I play way too much of that also.

  • kathiba

    If my internet goes down, just shoot me.

  • Herp

    Invisiblebread and Buttersafe? same style? I smell conspiracy…

    • You're probably smelling the cookies I have in the oven. Problem is, I'm not baking cookies…

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  • ubuntourist
  • mystmoon92

    I have been completing a painted postcard every night since my laptop went to be fixed.
    However, I do kinda need it back, it has my uni work on it :/

  • hhhhh thats right

  • TheVoicesInYourHead

    Pft. No way he learned how to do stuff without the Internet. Everyone knows you can only learn how to juggle or ride a unicycle by Googling or watching YouTube instructional videos. 😉

  • Poor guy! – I know how he feels…

  • Sea Wolf

    I actually did the jiggling and unicycle parts…. Not so much the tightrope

  • kid jugler

    hehehe. thats almost exactly how i learned how to juggle, but the unicycle came later.

  • Jerus


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  • SirWiggles

    Sir, as in Justin, you have made made just about every single one of my days that were either terrible or already wonderful. Past and future. For once I can find humor that isn't filled with swearing and cursing and/or memes everywhere.

    However, some questions arose in my browsing of your site. Why is the bread invisible? Why a wood oven? Why bread in the first place? Is my comment too long to read for the average human eyes?

    And then some technical questions too, because of me being a geek and all.
    Are you paying to keep the site up or using a free web hosting system? Are you mostly using drawing on paper, mostly computer graphics, done in something for example Adobe Illustrator, or are you combining both to make magic literally burst out of the vents on the computer?

    Anyways, I hope you see this and respond to it because I have been considering doing something similar to this but didn't know what was best to do so.

    Sir Wiggles (No I am not from the wiggles, thank you)

    • Glad you like the site! There's a lot of fun to be had without the use of memes/swears/so on =)

      Invisible Bread is a semi-random name that I loved when I started working on this site. There actually is an invisible bread somewhere on the site for every comic, so if you didn't know that, well, give the about page a real good read 😉

      I host this site on my own server and manage all the codestuffs too. I use a drawing tablet (Intuos4) along with Photoshop to make all the comics.

      I'd say just go for it if you're thinking about starting something up! Jump right in and good luck!

      • SirWiggles

        Oh snap! That bread is clever. You are clever.

        Read the about page and am glad to know that at least one other guy listens to metal.
        And likes squirrel.

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  • drebone


  • That one guy

    There needs to be an even number of comments you guys. That’s why I am posting now.

    • PersonWhoDislikesThat One Guy

      hahaha now there is an odd number of comments again!

  • neros1234


  • Kiwi

    Is this the human‘s true potential?