So, I’m kind of a not smart person.  I was trying to free up some server space, but ended up accidentally deleting the folder that had all of the comic images in it.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this =(

It gets worse though.  Last time this happened, I was able to grab all the original images of my external drive and get all the comics up again.  But this time, my old external drive has decided to call it quits.  I think I stressed it too much when I was trying to pull all of the comic files off of it…  I’m gonna send it off to some data recovery people so I can hopefully get all my comic files back soon and put those comics back up on the site.

But luckily, I do have a solution so that you all won’t be totally comic-less while my drive gets fixed!  So, whenever I finish drawing the comic and am about to publish it, I take a quick picture of my computer screen as a little photo keepsake.  So what I’ve done is temporarily publish all of those photos so that you all can still have comics!  Not all of the images are very great though, so please bear with me =)

Thanks everyone!