You know Ryan Hudson, yes?  He’s my internet webcomic buddy and he does the comic ChannelATE.

Well, we drew up two fun comics for everyone yesterday!  The way it works is that one of us starts the comic with the first panel and then we alternate drawing panels until the comic is finished, without ever knowing how the comic was going to end.

Here’s the comic that I started:  [click the image for the bigger, readable version]

And there’s a second comic of the comicing pair too over on ChannelATE!  Check out the one that Ryan started right here by clicking any of the text that makes up this linked text!  You are also welcome to check out some of his comics over there, if you’ve never seen them before.  Here’s one that I enjoyed from last week about making wishes.

And yup, for all of you that are aware, this is totally a DUIF =)