New Things
  • Robert

    Spaghetti shower? Sounds like the local Italian cuisine is a little… watered down. *Leaves quickly.*

  • Covarr

    Tired of that pesky sauce getting in the way of the delicious, plain noodles you always knew deep down you really wanted? Try new SHOWER SPAGHETTI! For the low, low price of a slightly higher water bill, you can eat your spaghetti under a stream of the most wonderful flowing water. The sauce washes right off!

    Try it now!

  • Jimmer

    Hey! I drank a white Monster this morning and later I did my first ever gainer off a 20 foot cliff! Coincidence? I think NOT!

  • Dr Disrespect

    Justin! Do you have a PS4? If so, what games do you have?

  • Oraticus

    Use a different font weight for the last panel!