• sam

    YAAAAAAYYYY invisible bread day, the best day of the week/month/year… keep it up Justin!!! ∩╮(Ο_O)╭∩ (<–thumbs up guy)

  • BQQM180

    Definitely me watching mystery science theater 3000. Blue in the originals and green in the return.

  • Oraticus

    I love watching super hero movies with my wife (who also likes them, lucky me), but she generally does not have any information on the source material. Looks like it’s time for pie charts and graduated tubes of mystery liquids!

  • Locutus

    I gave up on comic book shows, I’ll only be keeping up with daredevil and punisher from now on…. and I mean, I guess if they make something else that’s awesome…but that’s it!

  • Sandwiches

    But did he get the reference

  • sam

    long time no bread… please don’t go hiatus on us Justin