• Dominic Tuttle

    Huzzah!!! The Return of Invisible Breads!!!!

    Also, my past attempts at keeping a bathroom clean have resulted, upon occasion, in fire. Very, very small fires, but fire nonetheless.

    • Shannon

      I am impressed and slightly terrified at your ability to create a fire in a room wholly devoted to water.

      • Dominic Tuttle

        It’s a gift! I don’t talk about it much…

    • kbguy

      I agree! yay! go justin

  • factthesystem

    WHOA! This is awesome! WELCOME BACK, Justin!

  • JSqueen

    AHHHHHH! Justin, you’re back!!! Welcome back to the Land of the Invisible Breads!

  • Snuffy

    My day is unexpectedly a little better than I thought it would be

    • This will be happiness – believe me!

  • Jason Dearborn

    Yesss!!! My week keeps getting better! Bought a home last night, and now IB is back!

    • Shannon

      Congrats on buying a home. 🙂 That’s a lot of work.

    • Justin Boyd

      Wow, big congrats on the house!

  • Mikshana Maelevia

    A new Invisible Bread? Welp, my day is made!

  • Shannon

    Missed you much! It’s good to see you again. 🙂

  • you silly goose, that’s not what it means
    foolproof is a measure of alcohol content, obviously!

    • Snuffy

      I always take the term “foolproof” as a personal challenge.

  • mitchell271

    Welcome back Justin! This is my favourite comedy webcomic series, so I’m super excited right now

  • Robo Panda Z

    Yay you’re back!

  • Matthew Helmuth

    everyone else something random that i dont know about happened with a celebrity

  • Green bot Studios

    All that fire…

    Just for cleaning the bathroom.

    Welcome back, Justin!

  • Mango Mageno


  • Duane Learning

    Thanks for coming back. I hope you’re doing well

  • sam

    I had just given up on you Justin i came today for one last look before i deleted my bookmark to find out you are back!!.. and i missed the release by 2 days:(… anyways welcome back… anyway time to read the entire archive again!

    • jeff

      Me Too!

  • Großer Maik

    Oh, there you are Peter…

  • j-beda


  • j-beda

    The Patreon page is still borked! What’s up with that?

  • Critical Failure

    Welcome back!

  • Zach

    This comic would make a great T-Shirt. Possibly front and back for each panel.

    • I think so too.