Bad Timing
  • Mineblock5000

    Man, I’m lucky. I live so far south, snow is really rare here.

  • Michael Haynes

    and then we got even more last night; love seeing I-94 reference, go Michigan!

    • Justin Boyd


      • R. Derek Pattison

        It made me nostalgic for home too. On Wisconsin!

    • Colin

      Living in Michigan, a snowstorm is just another day.

  • Green bot Studios

    I live in California, where we never get snow 🙁

  • Mango Mageno

    I’m lucky we get so much snow we don’t even notice it.

  • what’s weird is everyone forgets how to drive when they see a little bit of snow.. even though snow is just fine to drive on, it’s freezing rain or refrozen water that’s bad.

    • B A

      NO. Well, maybe a little bit of snow is fine. But a lotta bit has nothing fine about it. Except compared to ice. Maybe I don’t disagree with you after all. Sorry, we got two feet of snow this year and I dreamed about car accidents all night, so I think my response may have been a little strong.

  • sam

    been a while since the last comic

  • Green bot Studios

    When I click the X button on an advertisement, the thing that says “Report Ad” or whatever is in another language. I don’t think there’s a problem with the website, I think it’s a problem with my Google account.
    EDIT: It fixed itself

  • Lynn🌐

    Wish it would snow in England for once, because
    1 I can’t drive
    2 it is fun to have snowball fights and build snowmen and
    3 school is cancelled

  • Nafas Wali