Do It
  • Mango Mageno

    His look of pure enjoyment as he pushes the button is my favorite part.

  • Mikshana Maelevia

    Woah, woah, woah, TWO things? Take it slow! Don’t want to burn out on doing things!

  • Green bot Studios

    Please bring back the Programmer series!

    • Mineblock5000


    • Henry

      ikr ikr ikr ikr ikr yes

  • Benjamin Flessner

    I read the description (Airport) first, and this comic took on a whole new meaning!

  • Oliver

    Dude Chill Ok It’s Just a Fricken Button But if he is at the airport I totally understand dude

  • Kira

    As someone with near crippling social anxiety, general anxiety, health anxiety, and bouts of depression and emotional instability – this is so me 😌

  • Fae Rei

    I want this strip on a t-shirt.