Wild Animals
  • Mikshana Maelevia

    Yay, new comic day!

  • Mango Mageno

    It would be funny if somebody went to every single comic that doesn’t have any comments and put first

    • Ziggy Hixson

      I don’t think that there are any

      • Mango Mageno

        There are if you believe

        • Ziggy Hixson

          Let’s just put up a Craigslist ad for this: “Calling all believers: please write first on every invisible bread that does not have a comment yet”

  • Hmm, I’m not sure from the art if he’s meant to be an abnormally short-legged giraffe (looks like one to me) or a normal one who nevertheless wants to be taller.. and even if it’s the former i’m not sure if the joke’s meant to be that he shouldn’t mind short legs when his neck makes up for it.. because i can tell you, even when you’ve got a lot of something, you feel bad if it’s less than you feel you’re supposed to have!

    I don’t have enough giraffes.

  • JSqueen

    Yay! You’re back, Justin! I was worried you might have been dead there…

    • Justin Boyd

      I’ve had many a busy day over the past two or three months, but I should be more consistent now! Weeeeee!

    • Mango Mageno

      Speaking of which… Why isn’t he dead I payed 1 whole penny for the assassin

  • Mineblock5000

    Is it just me or is the comic bigger than usual?

    • Colin

      Yeah I noticed that tpp