New Model
  • No matter how far into the future they travel, there will never be a version of himself who doesn’t complain. 🙁

  • I still have an old flip phone.
    I don’t care about phones. It’s my tablet I consider important.

  • Mikshana Maelevia

    Does he prefer the ilk in Zelda: OoT that comes from the future?

  • Paul Rules

    Skip the 5X and go with the 6P.

    • Justin Boyd

      The 6P crosses into that my-hands-are-too-small-for-that zone. That’s kinda why I like the Pixel because its a smaller phone for my little baby hands.

      But the cooosssstttt, urg.

  • Kyle Ford

    Project Fi is awesome! I would recommend the Pixel though if youre looking to get a new phone

    • Justin Boyd

      I really wish I could use my current phone on Project Fi, but nope, gotta buy one dem fancy ones.