• Mineblock5000

    I say stuff through my fingers alot.

    • Matthew Helmuth

      as do i

    • Mango Mageno

      I do as well. Its called typing.

      • Justin Boyd

        My fingers actually have little mouths.

        • Mango Mageno

          That must be a very interesting party trick.

        • Oraticus

          So, when you pick up your burrito to take a bite, then set it down, are there little nibble marks wherever your fingers gripped the burrito?

  • Stef

    I don’t get it

  • Jimmy


  • Rydoof

    I normally don’t comment, but this is exactly the kind of thing I would say.

  • sam

    this is the comic that i read when i first started reading invisible bread, wow, feels like ages ago

    thanks for the amazing comic Justin!