Tree Talk
  • Shaun Clark

    Finally a comic that really gets to the root of trees

    • Mineblock5000

      *joke rimshot*

    • Sahaj28

      don’t leaf out the bonus panel. that wood make it sad.
      *realizes these puns don’t make sense alongside yours*
      eehhh whatever

      • Shaun Clark

        As long as they are not acornie its pine

  • SemperFire

    but wheres the bonus page

  • Wolind Quark

    To be fair, that’s how I respond when people ask me that, too.

  • Jimmy

    Justin, I really like your comics! Before sleeping I read one or two of them and only recently did I learn about the invisible bread, so I can go through all the comics again;). I recently got my sister into the comic too and I just want to say good job!

    “Good Job!”

    • Justin Boyd

      Haha, thank you!

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