Back To Work
  • Profworm

    This may be the truest comic ever made by man.

    Gods I need a day off… Just one…

  • Miles

    Being a mature student… I absolutely see both sides of this. As my semester has been in session for about ten days now, I KNOW my brain feels like it needed more than three months off. My body feels like it could use a week off too.

  • Man, a 6-month break from work just is not long enough!
    What’s that you’re calling me about, day job? It’ll be another three months before I go back? Okay cool!
    (I am of course spending all the time not working actually working, on novels… and I’m the best ever at saving money so there’s still not much to worry about there.)

  • Three month? I only got two weeks off in between quarters of college. and maaan I miss that.

  • That guy

    The ‘you poop’ in the bonus panel really sells it

    • Justin Boyd

      The best way to use the poop word

  • aasasd

    Summers just roll by, don’t they? And years too, right? And it’s not like there’s gonna be a whole bunch of them—just twenty or thirty before you can’t do much of anything anymore.

  • Funny comic for my birthday! ^_^