• Rex Vivat

    Well, the opposite is certainly no fun at all.

  • Pie

    I always remembered it as “concave bends in because it looks like the entrance to a cave,” and convex is just… the other one.

    • Zach Z

      Vexing to remember, is it not?

  • Duth Olec

    Really, the second one doesn’t always work either if a light is connected to two switches.
    Westy Lefty!

  • Geeky

    The way I remember things like root words is bizarre at best. For example, the root word “cad”. I think of “Cadicarus”, who is a YouTuber. His YouTube name sounds a lot like “Kid Icarus”, which is a video game takes place in the clouds, a place you can easily FALL from. So, “cad” means “fall”. Strangely enough, this method seems to work well for me.

  • toe

    concave down like a frown, concave up like a cup!

  • j0enne

    In german we have:
    Mädchen hat sex – Bauch konvex
    Mädchen ist brav – Bauch konkav

    Girl has sex – stomach convex
    Girl is well-behaved – stomach concave