• Oraticus

    Pizza in a box is for social chumps. Pizza in a bag is the epitome of antisocial pizza.

    • Justin Boyd

      They just ball up the whole pizza and cram it into the bag.

  • kktkkr

    Or you could just cut out the deliveryman altogether, and text your local pizza drone instead.

    • Mango Mageno

      Then you can have them shoot a capsule with a cable attached to it through a designated open window then you put the right amount of money in it and it goes back up

    • Duth Olec

      Or you could just download a pizza from the internet!

    • Puffinatron

      3D print it

  • BQQM180

    Last time orange shirt ate in public he accidentally ordered a side of bees so I can see why he would want to stay home.

    Texts “I want a pepperoni and bees pizza”

  • aasasd

    A local supermarket installed completely self-service checkouts. Suddenly new favorite store.

    • Moolissa

      So you prefer slow self-service checkout as opposed to interacting with a real human being who could do all of that for you?

      Me too…

      • aasasd

        Well, it seems most other people decided they don’t want to do the scanning, and now the self-service area never gets queues even if the manned checkouts are crammed. Double win.

        • Felonius

          When I lived Back East, the closest major grocery store had hand scanners. You could scan all of your items, bag them as you shopped, and then scan a barcode at the register when you got to self checkout. It was *perfect*. (Every so often, you’d get randomly selected for a person to double-check to make sure that you scanned is what you had…)

  • Moolissa

    I never order delivery because I don’t want to speak to the delivery person. I need this in my life. So much

  • Duth Olec

    From what I’ve seen of the internet, this would be the most successful start-up business ever.
    Too bad everyone who would think of it are too lazy, unsocial, or both to ever start up a business.

  • Some one

    It would be great👍