• MasterDomino

    Ha! Great to see that other people have this “fear” as well.
    When recently the lady at the bakery I always go to already put *the-food-I-always-order* into a paperbag for me without me even reaching the counter yet, I found it so awkward, I didn’t go to the bakery for three weeks after that. Hahaha.

    • Aankhen

      Hahaha! That lady must have been so confused.

  • Some one


    • Justin Boyd


      • Oraticus

        Is this a Ness reference?

  • arghdos

    Then when they say,'”Food you normally get”, right?’ and you feel some absurd pressure to change your order on the spot

  • Duth Olec

    It’s just the start of an awkward–I mean beautiful–I mean extraordinarily awkward friendship!

  • Covarr

    I used to go to the same sandwich place and the same coffee place every day. But it wasn’t awkward, because I upped my small-talk game until I was actually friends with the people at these places. Hooray for extreme smalltalk (finals on espn this week)

  • Lordbafford

    I used to go to the same local bar all the time and it got to the point that when i walked in my drink would be at the end of the bar waiting for me.

  • Geeky

    This almost happened to me and my siblings!! Every other weekend we used to go to subway and we would all order the same thing. The people there were even beginning to remember our orders! But then they hired new people and we eventually stopped going there. Phew! XD

  • j-beda

    After reading through the back catalogue, I am now all caught up – and even decided to add Justin to my Patreon support – I look forward to him being able to purchase a burrito!

    Anyhow, I don’t find this type of interaction too awkward, but the comic does make me want to go get something to eat…

    • Justin Boyd

      You should totally eat something. Every day, as a matter of fact!

  • Locutus

    The other day the guy in the deli knew it was my order when I ordered online and it threw me off, but then again I was the only person there and it was a few minutes after it was supposed to be ready.

  • Guest

    Took me more than a year to get to that point with my bakery.

    I identify so hard with this comic o_o