• Duth Olec

    Whenever you have a car to draw, you know which dog to turn to.
    Also there’s a typo in the hidden panelllll, yourrrrr

    • Justin Boyd

      I will never stop making that mistake. It’s so bad, blarg. Been doing that for 9+ years now in comics.

    • Crazy3lf

      I never know there is secret panel in IB comic, I missed out so much… Thanks for informing!

  • Oraticus

    Now that he’s the boss, who’s gonna be taking who for walkies?

    Wendell (in barks): “Justin, pee on that!” “Good Justin”

    • I’m sorry I just had to make this here edit

  • Mango Mageno

    In Soviet Breadia Dog commands you

  • Braiden Carter


  • Braiden Carter

    why do you suddenly have plaid instead of striped?

    • Oraticus

      It was time for a change of pace, and Justin felt the need to channel his inner lumberjack.

      • guest

        Striped is way better thou

    • Lauren Brown

      It was explained in a comic that stripes are no longer Justin’s style in real life so he changed his character to match his irl clothing style.

  • aasasd

    He even has the posture.

  • Some one

    My dog doesn’t do anything much