Too Dirty
  • Mineblock5000

    Usually, my first Minecraft house is a 10x10x5 wood brick.

    • Oraticus

      Usually my first house is usually an early colonial victorian with a colonnade leading to the promenade.

      • Mineblock5000


    • studkid

      Mine is usually in a mountain or a cave. Might try this idea I got from somebody about 9×9 cobblestone structure though.

  • q

    If I view this on mobile the panels stack on top of each other, but the image is still the same. What is this magic

    • Justin Boyd

      I’m a very good code magician =)

      • Mango Mageno

        Hey how come when I turn my monitor sideways it doesn’t switch it?


      • Cliocat


    • Mango Mageno

      hes not a software developer for nothing

  • Guy

    I just built a Livingroom,Bedroom,Portalroom, Lab, Library, Watch tower room. That is my house, also HOW THE HECK CAN YOU GET INFINITE LAVA??? Like Infinite water…

    • Matthew Wells

      It’s impossible, but you could get a lot from the nether.

    • Some one

      Nether brick cross I think

  • Brai.Io


  • Brai.Io

    my first house is usually a 5 by 5 or 7 by 7 acacia or birch house.

  • Some one

    How to survive first day of Minecraft

  • lego_kid123

    i usually just co into creative mode and build a house… i can’t help it i have a cheat problem.. ( :c(|)

  • sam

    that bonus panel tho…