Spring It
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  • Duth Olec

    Over here it’s getting into the 60s. So um. It passed my comfort point.
    Actually it’s looks like it’s going to cool down later this week after we get through all the rain. Cool down being… mid-50s.

  • Fasd47

    Were i live this wont work… 60 degrees one day the next 20. thanks utah weather

  • Josh

    Well, this is sad… Here in NE Texas, we’ve already had temps over 80 degrees! (That’s pre-C conversion of course… More like 27 degrees C…)
    Then we had another frost the next week.
    Gotta love Texas weather.

  • Logan

    I don’t understand…then it is just 12(ish) degrees. How is that warmer…?

    • Steven

      40F vs 40C

      • Logan

        Oh! Haha – I was thinking too literally about the conversion. 🙂

  • Mango Mageno

    um sorry but physcience doesn’t work like that

  • Cliocat

    Actually like 55-60 degrees is pretty warm for me… like shorts weather even :3

    • bob

      lol same . it was like 75 yesterday for me… everyone wore sleveless shirts and shorts. and everyone compained of the heat

    • how are you even alive

  • Lexacquilla

    Just whatever you do, don’t convert to Kelvin.

  • uhhhhhhhhhh if it was 40℃ you will have a heat stroke it’s already dangerous at 30℃