Cool Jetpack
  • Oraticus

    Hmm, space… snakes… SPaces… snAKES… SPAKES… Ahh! I see what you did there! Clever! Of course, it could have also been a typo, and now I just over-rationalized it and made myself look like one of those philosophical tools who attempt to find deeper meaning in what is ultimately arbitrary accidents.


    • Justin Boyd

      Dang, I’m on a roll with dumb misspellings in those panels.

  • Actual

    That is how space works. 100%.

  • Sirscribble

    Nice comic. Oh wait, i just forgot to breathe. *inhale* second time today!

    • How many times do you do this on a weekly basis while still surviving, exactly?

  • Ummm… space snake… what “thing” exactly did you do to get an extra human-sized helmet? Are you hiding something, space snake?

    Maybe we should call the space police (SPACE-1-1)!

  • Vanessa

    So, I was reading another webcomic, and after I finished the last panel I instinctively moved my mouse to the bottom right, to access the hidden extra panel.

    That didn’t exist.

    Because it was not Invisible Bread.

    I am not a smart [wo]man.

    • Justin Boyd

      Haha, that’s great =)

  • Jake Logan

    Not so much “filled” with them. Only one so far, at least until Important NASA Guy lets them send up another one.

  • I never knew fishbowls come with their own unending supply of oxygens. thanks cartoons!

    • Justin Boyd

      In cartoon, everything possible!

  • Joseph Wilson

    I am sick of these mother#$&% snakes in this [email protected]#$% space.