Call It
  • Javier Dehesa

    Who the hell is this striped-shirt-less guy and what has he done to Justin?

    • Justin Boyd


      • 112aws

        Fashion update on last strip

    • guest

      Spaceball 1, they’ve gone plad

  • MoogleMoogle

    I started playing Skyrim a month or two ago and I’ve put in about 100 hours. Not even halfway through the main story lines.

    • Mango Mageno

      you can get to final boss before you complete the tutorial if you do it right

  • 50 hours into Xenoblade X and I’m THIS CLOSE to getting my giant robot. Plus I have explored roughly three quarters of three fifths of the world! Yeah! Really cutting into my drawing time. I may have a problem.

  • Revenant

    I think you have it backwards, it’s more like: 200 hours into Fallout 4… guess I should go to Diamond City.

  • Duth Olec

    226700 hours into this game called Life and I STILL haven’t unlocked the Millionaire Perk. I’ve barely started on the main storyline. It has the LONGEST tutorial ever, too. And the first 35000 hours were really vague and confusing with no indication of what to do. And the draw distance isn’t very good, there is definitely a point at which objects stop rendering, which I think they tried to explain away by saying the world in this game is round but, come on, anyone can see through that, especially if you’re far away for it to not render.
    Wait, what was I talking about?

    • The RNG is unfair, there’s no way to turn off the roguelike aspects, there’s a stupid timer you can’t pause, basically this is a game that wants you to not play.

  • Sirscribble


  • Micah Philson

    I finished the story at about 70 hours in. Then kept playing anyways. Then it got boring and I haven’t played Fallout in almost 2 months now. Just waiting for it to become interesting to me again. You know how you forget a game for a year, play it again, and it’s the greatest thing ever again.