• Oraticus

    America… proudly and stubbornly sticking to our guns since 1776. Whoo! đŸ˜€

    • FairyQueen FairyQueen

      On the off chance that one focuses on the predominant press as well as utilizations web-based social networking, they may have caught wind of various big names who have shared their perspectives on the transient emergency. evanewz

  • Erika Hammerschmidt

    But it makes you feel better to count how many kilometers you’ve gone, because they’re shorter than miles so you get more of them!

    Also, you feel thinner if you measure your weight in kilograms!

  • Pie

    I will stubbornly support Fahrenheit (at least for the weather) but in every other area I wish America would move on to metric.

  • isaiah valdez

    Helllo American strangers

  • People can talk about ‘ease of use’ all they want, I doubt we’ll ever hear people saying “a milliliter of caution”, “centimeterworm”, or “send the dog to the kilogram”

    • Silvereye

      The only one I get is the last one. What’re the first two originally?

      • Chris

        “an ounce of caution” and an “inchworm”

    • Dave Harmon

      You would not get that last, because it’s not linked to the weight term. For the others, I’ve been saying from early on that we need one-syllable slang for these units.

  • Scia

    Minutes per Kilometer? Not the usual phrasing, but I guess it’s a valid way of measuring speed. (And probably easier and more realistic for most people.)

  • Some random reader

    You could measure your speed by sweatdrops / steps that hurt. Could become a logarithmic scale towards the end, though.

  • arslan

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  • arslan

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  • arslan

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  • arslan

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  • sam

    Goddammit Justin, don’t make your brain do thinks! its not good for you!

  • sam

    i want that shirt

  • Kirby gamer

    Oh no justin did thinks!!