• Justin Boyd

    <3 for you all

  • Anon

    I hope the cat isn’t bringing a knife to a gun fight!

  • in a way, EVERY cat fight is a knife fight.. because they have knives in them.

    • Yeah, but don’t forget about the claws!

  • Jim

    We like you too JB! May we call you JB? Or does that just make it weird..

  • Willem Kroese

    Wait… Is this the first time there has ever been a cat in your comics?

    • Lauren Brown

      No, it’s not. There’s the bathroom trials cat comic. I don’t remember if any others have had cats in them though.

      • Mineblock5000

        There was also the Cat Cat one.

  • That one guy

    Buddy your cat needs whiskers.
    Also I 💜 your comic I follow it every day I check for a new one. Keep it up! 😊