• Jake Logan

    Right side, no question.

  • Oraticus

    You could trace an outline on the white paper of whatever utensil belongs in that slot, in case you run into this again in the future!

    … On second thought, if I did that, I’d probably not be able to resist the urge to splatter little droplets of red food coloring on the outlines and place little tent-folded cards with numbers on them to create my own little silverware drawer CSI scene…

  • DeltaFoxtrotZulu

    Spoons go next to the forks of course.

  • Crystalwind

    The knives are in the wrong place. There’s your problem. Knives go on the far left.

  • That Guy

    Just be this guy to solve all of your problems

  • really crazy

  • Scia

    In my house, we happen to have a silverware-holder with differently-shaped slots, so it’s hard to put most of the silverware anywhere BUT the right slot. However, we still have this basic problem with other dishes. (‘Which cupboard was the colander put in?’)

  • MeanieTjo

    Psssh you just pull the silverware basket out of the dishwasher, and more or less pour them in the drawer. I have done this! It is very fulfilling after a full day of adulting.