Fallout 4
  • Micha

    You can’t adult, but then again, what is the point of adulting but allowing time to not adult.

  • Dominic Tuttle

    Justin, I think I speak for a probable number of us when I say: we greatly appreciate your autobiographical comics. The honesty you portray gives us the confidence to admit: adulting is hard……

  • Blixa Morgan

    Our startup experienced a huge drop in productivity over the last few days. I guess this explains a lot. (even I was playing Fallout last night. Does that make me a bad boss?)

    • Justin Boyd

      Makes you a great boss!

      Come on into the Best Bosses Club. We will be playing Fallout 4 today.

  • When I had a job, every new announcement was like “Great, when will I find time to play this?” and now it’s like “Great, how am I going to afford this?”

  • NameinProgress

    Everybody’s all like “FALLOUT 4 :D” meanwhile I’m all like “Woot! Finally got a copy of Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition :D”

    • Mythril

      I… I still haven’t played Fallout 3. (Also I bought the original trilogy and only ever got around to finish 1. Hah. Hahaha.)

  • Anthuny

    This sounds like every day of my life since Fallout 4 was released. And every day before that. I too am a terrible adult.

  • JSqueen

    I want the third panel on a t-shirt.