New Machine
  • Benjamin Gentzel

    I choose to believe that orange shirt is still alive somewhere and the weird machine just took him elsewhere.

    • That Person

      i second that. There must be some sort of universe where all the victims of this device go. And in that universe there is another little machine that no one knows how to use…

      • MasterGlitch

        The question is, how many crazy-device-universes deep is the one in the comic already?

        • Alexander Gee

          Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to Morty

  • Bill33

    I kind of liked the old “SFW Cyanide and Happiness” comics better than these newer “Buttersafe but Wackier” comics.

  • Wolf

    I like the idea of the only reason people are in line is because every one else is. They don’t know why or what’s going on but a big line must be good right.