First Apartment
  • Oraticus

    No worries, semi-adult guy. Non-paper plates are a simply a luxury, but art is an investment. I'm sure if Warren Buffett were a semi-adult right now, he'd have video game-inspired artwork everywhere.

  • Anonymous


    • Xxx_Bloody_Rekt_xxX

      yay someone else cought that

  • I prefer videogame posters. Ideally ones I took out of the best players' guides, back wh en they existed and came with pull out posters. We miss you, Versus BOoks.

  • Elise

    I have never been so disappointed. I thought that was Mega Man, but it's actually Mega Man X. Why does this always happen to me?

  • "I need to do adult things to them"
    I thought he was gonna bang them o.e

  • …kj

    *Poopy McGree