A Drink
  • Xela

    From panels 2 to 3: Drinking Intensifies!

  • Not Somebody Else

    Okay… this is very true!

    I did this to a boss of mine once… He was addicted to Mountain Dew, so I kept one of his empty cans on hand, then one morning, filled it with cold water from the fountain, and swapped it with his Mountain Dew can when he wasn't looking… Hilarity ensued…

  • stephen

    what is this "soda" business i thought you were from michigan

    • Haha, good observation!
      I spent my high school years in NY, so soda ended up being the one that stuck instead of pop.

  • Miles

    I experienced this the very first time I had a Dasani… all the commercials I'd heard indicated it was bottled by Coke, with no indication that it was, in fact, water.
    Bitterly disappointed at the time.

  • Slythytoves


  • hahahha! what a dummy

  • Scia

    Liking that bonus panel. XD