• I find drinking too much alcohol helps, although sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

  • Oraticus

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    If anyone is wondering why I broke the tried-and-true tradition of black-and-white extra panels, it's because in black and white the small space between his head and body looked like a very short body followed by very long legs…

    • Actual

      I can't unsee that now. Obviously he has a green loincloth.

      • fasd47

        Or a cape because the loincloth (like their pants) it would be invisible

      • Oraticus

        It's a KILT, laddie!

    • bausman

      Step 4: My shrig has become a hug.

  • The feels are strong with this one!

  • Somebody.

    Step 5:Stare at your friends until one backs away slowly. Then proceed to step 6:follow them.

  • Poopy McGee

    That moment you're meeting family for the first time and they already know everything about you