There Are Pictures
  • Laugeo

    I'm not a fan of the new mobile set up. I prefer the way it was.

    • What from the old layout do you miss in the new mobile design? Also, what device are you using to view the comics?

    • Oh yeah, haha, what device do you use to read the comics? Kind of an important piece of info.

      • Laugeo

        I use an iPhone 6. I liked the horizontal view so I could view the comic all at once without having to scroll.

        • Ahhhh yes yes yes, gotcha.

          I just added a thing so that landscape mode should put the comic back into horizontal rows for ya!

  • htmlguy999

    Maybe you should make iit a bit more responsive to the screen size: the content takes up a third of the page width on my 10 inch tablet.
    Maybe the CSS vw and vh units, plus using calc()?
    Layout looks good though!

    • Do you get the vertical panel layout, the layout with Wendell's face in the very top header or the standard desktop layout on your tablet? What kind of tablet do you have?

      I do have to mess around more with fluid design. For now, I have CSS triggering at screen widths of 400px, 980px and greater than 980px. I'll probably be messing with the CSS for the next couple days to get it just right.

      • Vertical Panels (it's an android tablet, 10", and I'm browsing with Firefox for Android Beta)

  • Slythytoves

    Well, the vertical panels look great on iPhone 5S! Nice job!

    Also, yes, I'm usually happy to look at pictures of your dog(s), cat(s), bird(s), pet rock(s), lizard(s), carnivorous plant(s), etc.(s)


  • User100

    I'm just glad the link is back to the Wendell page.

  • MishaFoomin

    Yes. More Corgi pictures please. I have three of my own and still look at pictures of others when I have time. Yay, Wendell!

  • rev.felix

    Galaxy Note 3 reporting in. The new layout looks fantastic.

  • arghdos

    Wendell returns! The returnining!

  • afroticulate

    I came to backtrack on a year's worth of missed comics, and juuuuust when I go to look for that elusive..invisible bread, the site's been mobilized. ha! Found it! As you were.

  • Doggiezzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Excellent. More Wendell. More Corgis. More dogs… Excellent.

  • LongTimeSilentReader

    Hey did you remove the Wendell page link from the mobile site? Either that or I'm going crazy. Anyway, I kinda preferred the mobile site the old way, since I normally use the horizontal layout… Thing. Oh well, just my opinion here. Love the comics, though.

    • Just added a thing so that landscape mode on a phone will put the comic back in those normal rows!

  • I think the new layout is great. Maybe have two layout options for those who don't like .it though

  • Jamin

    Stick figure arm in perspective! Nice! Really upping the realism of the art around here. 😉

  • Pikscast

    Did I inspire you to post that pic of Wendell? You're awesome dude. Never stop awesoming.

  • Have you ever used the comics X app for android? Swip for each panel. I like it because each panel fills the screen.

  • The mobile site works terrifically for me! (I was even able to go to the hidden panel! :D)

  • Alfredo

    Cant agree more on the need of more pictures of Wendell
    Printable mugs, please

  • At first I was "aw" and then I saw Wendell and went "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww"

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  • Ron

    That's really good. It means more dogs, more wendells 🙂