Some More Parking
  • The april's fools joke is that there is no bonus toast.. I mean panel.

  • καtrmr

    every time.
    "an inch forward and right… couple inches back and left… two inches forward and left… don't touch the next car…"
    then you come out and realize you could park a railroad car there.

    • καtrmr

      also, the same space distortion happens when you look for a place for parallel parking.
      except it can work both ways.
      whether the place will really be larger, smaller or exactly the size for your car is basically a matter of chance.
      so you lean on the safe side and choose places that definitely won't be too small but can turn out to be twice larger than needed.

  • Oraticus

    This is a human evolutionary response to parallel parking, actually. Decades of "efficient" parallel parking, where your bumper was only inches from the neighbor in front of you, led to many situations where someone would then "efficiently" parallel park behind you, leaving you with a net .5 feet of total maneuverability space to then free your vehicle when you were ready to leave, leading many transmissions and clutches to burn out due to rapid and repeated shifting from drive to reverse, or bumpers/fenders to be crushed between the closely packed jostling of "efficiently parked" vehicles as they attempted to leave their claustrophobic captivity.

    In response to the increased anxiety and stress brought on by aggravated mechanic repair bills, the human genome took an "advanced leap" forward, in much the same fashion as the x-gene in Marvel's X-Men. In situations where the visual cortex discerns the closing of distance between shapes resembling front of one vehicle and the rear of another, it alters the perception of depth and raises anxiety so you almost always fall a foot or more short of your goal and thus protecting you from the inevitable repercussions of your ill-fated choice.

    So, if someone claims they're amazing parallel parkers due to their ability to park within an inch of other vehicles, the truth is they're just unevolved. We "canyon gap"ers are the children of the future.

    • καtrmr

      the whole of New York City is in the past epoch

  • TriforceShard

    I don't know how to drive, and that is probably a good thing.

    Also; Where's the bread?!?!?!

    • καtrmr

      learn it.
      first couple years, you'll have a helluva time when you frantically look for a rear mirror while on a bus and the driver is changing lanes.
      also you won't be able to watch streets and parking spaces calmly from a high floor.

  • I feel like this is me all the time: "I'm right up to that guys bumper! Eek!" Then I get out to find I've still got a good meter or more. Oh well, it would be worse to have the inverse problem: "I've still got lots of room!" *Crunch*

  • Gotta be honest…I'm kind of disappointed that there's no visible bread today…

  • Jamin

    Hey, there's a invisible bread link now… but the link is broken this time…

  • Laugeo

    The hidden panel is hilarious x3

  • Robert


    Every time.

    So much.