• Oraticus

    It's a good thing you didn't grab that money. The sun is obviously waiting just around the horizon to jump in and let you know that you were on one of those hidden cam shows where they catch you for being unethical scum. Obviously the guy who dropped the $100 is just an actor that they hired.

  • TriforceShard

    Whoa. Things just got philosophical.

  • Jim

    I want some of that magic money that can disappear in one panel and reappear in another.

  • Come on purple shirt guy, it's not that complicated. You see how you look exactly the same as yellow shirt guy except the color of your shirt? That's significant. That could just as easily be you and your hundred bucks. and THEN what would you want?

  • luidog2011

    Right in the feels…

  • CrystalSpark

    This got featured on iFunny, haha.

  • TheNinth

    Wait a second, that guy wasn't the original owner!
    He dropped it in the daytime, not at night!