• SilentWolfee

    Oh gosh, I've got an interview for a job coming up and I am going to do something like that…hopefully I can save the situation as effectively!!

  • fancypants

    I'd hire him.

  • derpderpderp

    btw, are you doing any tf2 meet ups currently?

    • There is a special one on May 17th =)

      Before then though, it's definitely possible! I'd like to get in one practice before May 17th's big event.

  • καtrmr

    after working for too long in the same place, I can't wrap my head around answering such questions seriously and to the point.
    well, I can pretty impressively bitch about the engineering/designing/music choice decisions of my coworkers, especially ones whose work I'm fixing at the time? and can do that for hours on end? while doing the job at the same time?
    all the bitching, all the work! hire me and see for yourself.

  • arslan

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