• Oraticus

    "It's time to throw down, winter! What you got, huh? WHAT YOU GOT!?

    *snow* *freezing rain* *sub-zero temperatures* *frostpocalypse* *zombie snowmen rampage*

    "… uncle."

    • Floppy

      I just need to ask … what is it with this "uncle" thing? Out of context I'd say it has something to do with admitting defeat.
      I also saw that on south park when cartman beat up that midget who was all like "words are like bullets"
      So reading this here again and seemingly in the same context I just need to know.

      Is that a US thing? Where does that come from? What does it want?

      • Lauren Brown

        I don’t know if it’s a US thing but yes, it’s an expression used to mean that you surrender.

  • But is it on in a manner similar to that of Donkey Kong?

  • καtrmr

    I find it somewhat disturbing how many things are inanimate but are still assholes.

    And their indifference toward my suffering is at the same time enraging and existentially depressing.
    (also, I think I understand why many people resort to supernatural beliefs for comfort.)

  • asdasd

    The melting of the polar icecaps is just the scaling up of this conflict to a global level.

  • Dog

    Play? All of us? On fort of hat?

  • bausman

    This SO should’ve been a story arc!