• TriforceShard

    How did you make a comic that is my life exactly?

    • Korbyn

      Love your name

      • _____


  • Korbyn

    One more option: DEATH.

    • crazyhead42

      No, that's worse. Then you KNOW you are forced to do nothing, which is a forced something you can't even stop doing upon desire to do some nothing else.

  • καtrmr

    what's that 'free time' I keep hearing about

    • I think it happens on the day between Sunday and Monday.

      • καtrmr

        ah, the elusive Interweek… somehow seems more rare than Interyear.
        personally, I think the same thing happens to them as when you definitely remember it was Tuesday yesterday but it's Thursday today.

        anyway, my own notion of the interday time comes from the SNES Harvest Moon game where days were a certain time long but nights lasted as long as the character wasn't dropping asleep from chopping stumps.
        (I'm gonna pay so hard for this schedule when I'm old…)

        • fancypants

          Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Special Edition) got me through a lot of my childhood. Whenever I see anything about Harvest Moon now I have flashbacks to my wonderful little farm in the valley. People give video games a bad rap, but this game helped make me better as a person.

  • Penguin

    Sleep- The Solution to Everything.

  • defender_of_the_dogs

    Procrastination is dangerous