• TriforceShard

    Wait, so if someone doesn't believe in gravity, they will float into space? I'M FINALLY GOING TO MEET SPACE SNAKE!

  • fancypants

    Reminds me of a Tim Minchin joke 🙂

  • User100

    I believe in dinosaurs. Film at 11.

  • Korbyn

    Ahhhh!!!! How will hammocks be comfortable?!!!

  • htmlguy999

    Why is it so hard to find the comment area now?? It was right there before!
    Is it floating away?

    • Korbyn

      No, you only believe it's floating away. America is making you stupid.

  • I suppose that might explain supernovae – a star just one day stops believing…

  • Lamy

    We all know gravity is a myth.

  • Joseph

    11.3 m/s^2 is an acceleration, thank you very much.