Late Night
  • Oh man, I'm totally exhausted the day I post a comic about having never-ending energy. The irony!

    • Oraticus

      Your body is acclimating to the monster… becoming one with the monster. It will no longer offer you its nigh unlimited energy to bait you, as you are now under its control. You have become the beast.

  • Oraticus

    I've veered away from those ridiculously early morning hour weekend gaming sessions over time (stupid responsibilities 'n aging 'n stuff), but the hours would not be so easily dismissed in favor of sleeping. They've slunk and crept their way into other niches as best they could, finding refuge in small encampments throughout the week. Now I stay up most nights until roughly 1:30, and get up for work around 7:15. I'm sure this is not the healthiest habit.

  • "the dark 4" ~ Perfect.

  • pants

    This strip is a lot darker if you interpret it as his two friends are actually the two cans in the final panel, and he was just hallucinating the whole time due to too much Monster

  • καtrmr

    on a slightly unrelated note, are you doing LHTs only once a month now?

  • Kirbyman!

    I haven't slept in months! Who needs sleep? I sure dont! *collapses*

  • Yay! Monster makes a return! And so does your comic version of you!

  • Justsomegamer

    To bad we don't live in the same state i'm always up for games!

  • Anthony