• Diggy

    My vegetables usually just go into a food where their "healthy intentions" become just as fat as a cheesburger filled with batter.

  • antisocialbutterflie

    You should do what I do and use it as a beer crisper.

    • Kelly

      That's what I do, too! It fits exactly one case of bottles in it.

  • Volume 3!!!!!!

  • I can't find the Invisible Invisible bread! Is it just me?

    • JakeTheAwesome

      This is a single panel comic. There is no invisible bread for those.

      • I may or may not have one of those for this thing =) It didn't upload properly apparently the first time!

  • weegee93

    you say veggies… i say maybe later

  • Scia

    This is so me. Trying to live healthier is so easy to mess up. XD

  • JSqueen

    Does anyone else see a face made of mold on that milk?