The Rainbow
  • Justin…have you been watching too many Skittles commercials?

    • Paul

      Either way, I know what I'm getting from the store later now. Thanks Justin.

  • καtrmr

    it seems Justin has switched to another energy drink brand.

    • Is it called "drugs"?

      • καtrmr

        wouldn't be surprised if it's called 'Rainbow'.

        also wouldn't be surprised if it's a drug that is called 'Rainbow'.

    • Hahaha, you win =)

      • καtrmr

        so… bingo? then I'd need the name of that brand. give us a clue, at least.
        I mean, further than rainbows. that's too vague.

        • darb


        • ALWS

          It's candy. Skittles' motto is "Taste the Rainbow," and their commercials usually end with "_____ the rainbow! Taste the rainbow!"

          • darb

            so… skittles shake?

          • Kirby gamer

            drink the rainbow!

          • καtrmr

            yeah, Skittles are no secret, but what I had in mind is more along the lines of LazerFox's reply above.

            that, or Skittles have got much more 'energy'-ic lately…

  • Someone loves rainbows a little too much.

  • MrYJ

    Wow. What kind of idiot would dress like that to his own wedding?