One Last Thing
  • Oraticus

    Man, if I had gotten a fireworks display for passing my exams when I was in college, I think I would have been much more dedicated to studying!

    Of course, the fireworks may have all been convenient happenstance for yellow-shirt… maybe the last digit in the time left for completing his morality exam just happened to be a "3".

  • Dan

    Morality 101 is only possible as a pass/no pass.

  • Slythytoves

    But the wiggly arms!!!

  • Jamin

    Quite a fun comic. 🙂 I liked the explody part too!

    There is one little art critique though, it seemed the view angle broke that 180 degree guideline thing in panel three. Makes it look like they switched places, makes it slightly unclear who is saying what.

    • What is the 180 degree guideline? I debated about that panel a lot because I, for some reason, didn't want any bodies in the shot. I would have wanted to do a top-down view, but stick figures look weird from that angle.

    • Yeah, I see it now after not staring at it for hours. Whorps. Maybe I'll give that an adjustment somehow.

      • Laugeo

        I think when you went to adjust that the fireworks got taken out.

        • Haha, whoops.


          Annnnd they're back!

  • Torchwood

    I got out of finals zone today, yay! I wish someone had given me $100 dollars and fireworks.

  • The explody part is always my favorite part of fireworks, too.

  • Dave D

    Where did the explody part go? I liked the explody part best when I could see it (two days ago?)…

  • Laugeo

    The fireworks are gone which makes the bonus panel make no sense now.