He’s Busy
  • I miss arcades. But maybe they will make a comeback with enough nostalgia for them. Maybe?

    Also, I think there's an extra g in thinking in the description.

    • There are a bunch of arcade bars in Chicago. And there's Dave and Busters. Future's lookin' good!

      Also, fixed my silly typo.

      • There is a pinball arcade down in my neck of woods near Purdue. It's only open overnight, though, to take advantage of the bar crowd. I'm not part of the bar crowd any more, though! It's a tough spot in life.

  • Neat, I live 30 minutes away from Galloping Ghost! I'll have to check it out some time!

    • You gotta! That place super rocks my super socks.

  • Julien

    Sadly, arcades are dead in my hometown. However, board games bars are now a thing so I guess I'm okay with that (and I mean the nerdy/geeky type of bgs).

  • Lordbafford

    Where can i purchase a copy of Shoots Killington?

  • How… who named a video arcade after my high school mascot? Who did this thing. I'm not mad, just confused.

    Also I miss Chicago like way more now. I wanna go to Headquarters right now.

    • I always end up closer to Emporium, so that's where I be whenever I'm in Chicago. Headquarters is pretty rockin' too.

  • taborj

    The Car Talk show on NPR (RIP Tom Magliozzi) had a bit on there where Tom let his son in on a little secret: B's are okay. A's are great. But B's are fine.

    His son's whole outlook changed, and suddenly he was easily achieving B's, where before he was killing himself to get A's.

    For 90% of students, B's are just fine.

  • Some Random Person

    What's an arcade? šŸ˜› (kidding, but I've never actually been to one, except the weird little ones in some restaurants and stuff)

  • ThatGuyBob

    You read my comment, so you just read my comment. (poop((I had to(((not poop, but say this((((PARENTHESE OVERLOAD))))))))))

    • ThatGuyBob

      Someone help me.

  • ALWS

    This comic reminds me that I suck at 95% of video games…

    Well, at least I'm good at puzzle games! *whistles "ALWS Look on the Bright Side of Life"*

  • jandsm5321

    Did you know you now have a Wikia page?!

  • Colonel Asdsasd

    Ah, B-. The worst acceptable grade*.

    *Adjust for parental expectations.

  • Better than a four year cooldown.

  • bausman

    Why isn’t there a Shoots Killington flash game?

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