The Pen
  • LazerFox

    So why'd you develop your technique where children have larger eyes? Wouldn't putting a design on their shirt or having a hat be simpler?

    • People sometimes refer to kids as "wide-eyed", so I just drew it like that! I also like the way it makes the kids look that much more expressive.

      • καtrmr

        Which are the very reasons for those big eyes in anime. Adults got smaller eyes in anime.

        • Lumenis

          In reality, our eyes are the only organs in the body that don't grow up in a life, so proportionally, kids have bigger eyes than adults. I think that's why when we draw kids, we make them bigger eyes (aside from the kawaii effect in anime).

          • καtrmr

            Afaik adults also squint more, especially those who wear glasses (I myself start to resemble a pig).
            I suppose it's not just age-related but also depends on whether a person's eyes get tired a lot.

          • καtrmr

            Funny that 'tired eyes' sounds quite like the opposite of the innocence that big eyes symbolize in the cartoons.

          • καtrmr

            Also I've heard that the distance between ears should be (nearly) the same in humans, since the ability to locate sounds depends on it. And it implies that ears don't change much inside too. But couldn't find confirmation for this: have seen figures from 18 to 22 cm for the distance.

    • Madame Kagamine

      No, it’d be harder. It makes no sense.

  • Oraticus

    Any child named Jimmy is doomed to be a rabble-rouser and anarchist at heart. They're guaranteed to anger some elder god at some point with their brash penmanship and callous correction of mistakes via rough ink scribblings through the offending error. They scoff at the cautious and careful application of graphite, and it's wonderful redactive properties when synthetic rubber is applied.

    In short… Jimmy's are trouble. Step OFF!

  • Omega

    You would not BELIVE how pissed off the pencil god gets when people do this.

  • bunnymuffinbooks

    Haha 'step off' is like the best part.

  • Madame Kagamine

    The Pen God is adorable.

  • sam

    aaaahhh this comic is how I got into invisible bread in the first place… actually found out about it through pain train by mark pain.. who has stopped making comics and refuses to make more..:(