Red Bulls
  • arghdos

    I've heard tell that a guy made it to #7 one time… and that's how the universe was created

    • And on the 7th Red Bull, Jim created the universe.

      • Section Three, Paragraph Four, Chapter 23, Page 235, the Invisible Bread Bible.

      • arghdos

        And the Good Jim saideth, 'Let there be Red Bull'… and there was much rejoicing …

      • Geeky

        Is that why Red Bull gives you wings?

  • Didn't you tweet a joke about exploding from energy drinks?

    • Indeed I did, good memory! I felt like that tweet needed to become a full-blown comic for the eyes.

  • Michael

    Bonus Panel: "Also, Kratingdaeng."

  • Less

    dude.. energy drinks, we care about you; don't overdose.

    • HotSam Oht


  • bunnymuffinbooks

    It gave him wings and three full seconds to use them.

  • Oh Justin by the way, Neil Patrick Harris was given a lifetime supply of Red Bull for the amount of free advertising he gave it. Just a thought…

  • Tim

    I just found your comic and it's funny.

    For a long time, though, I kept reading "important nasa guy" as "important nose guy." And I thought, wow, nobody else has a nose, that would make him important. But then I noticed he didn't have a nose either, and I was confused.

  • Corbin M.

    I found a secret panel for this comic on accident!! XD

  • ALWS

    Red Bull gives you wings!

  • Colonel Asdsasd

    This one almost works perfectly for alcohol, too. 😀