Happy Birthday
  • User100

    My trunk is full of CAT5 cables. He should count himself lucky.

    • Matthew

      I would have no problem whatsoever in receiving CAT5 as a birthday gift (although I would be slightly disappointed it wasn't CAT6).

  • Quark

    Their pants are invisible… just like the bread! It's some kind of conspiracy! I can see right through that sort of thing.

    • καtrmr

      they just wear ultra skinny jeans

    • Matthew

      The pants are made of bread.

    • Kirby gamer

      Invisible bread and pants should be the new name of the webcomic!

  • kktkkr

    I'm pretty sure there's some "life hack" somewhere that MacGyvers all of these items into an acceptable substitute for a birthday present.

  • Alphonse

    Invisible Pants? Sounds like a spin-off comic begging to be made!

  • Tromse

    I love how the birthday boy says "…", because I say that all the time!

  • BeepBoopPEWPEW

    Hey Justin, when's then next gaming session thingy?

    • BeepBoopPEWPEW

      I just checked on steam, apparently I missed you by 31 minutes D: So close, yet so far…

    • I might set something up for Scream Fortress 6 this weekend. So keep those eyes peeled!

    • And keep them extra peeled, cuz I'm gonna get a match in of TF2 this weekend and check out that special Halloween map!

      • BeepBoopPEWPEW

        Sounds good, Commander Bread/Boyd!

  • So what are you going as for Halloween? Also, will we get a surprise Halloween comic?

  • Joe

    My trunk has an unopened remote control helicopter in it and a sleeping bag. I think whoever got it would make out pretty well.

  • If you live in your car, your trunk is like your shed! But if you live in your hatchback it's more like a closet.
    man what was he paper towelin' in there?

  • I guess you could say he gave him… the junk in the trunk

    *cue explosions*

  • "Here's a bag of stuff I meant to bring to the Salvation Army six months ago!"

  • myrkron

    OMG this comic ran on my birthday! I turned 30 on the 30th. 🙂

  • Nuge

    Did anyone else think that the pants were holding the cola in the 2nd panel?

    • Sockmo Yo

      I see it too!

  • bunnymuffinbooks

    He should have just given him cash. As in whatever was in the change tray.

    • Sockmo Yo

      Or he could sell the stuff from his trunk to buy an acctual present if he didn’t need the stuff anyway

  • sam

    oh my god on the coolant it says car stuff or is it can stuff??? hmm can tell *explodes*

  • Green bot Studios

    My trunk is full of…

    I’m not old enough to have a car! Silly me! XP

  • Dr Disrespect

    I that that the pants are really tiny????