Universal Sports Ball
  • darkkest

    ohhh no

  • For a moment I thought you drew a green severed head.

  • Gustaphe

    "universal", representing four sports exclusively played in the USA…

    • FIBA and the World Baseball Classic would like to have a word with you.

      • User100

        "World" has a bit of strange meaning when it comes to U.S. sports. How many countries play in the "World Series", exactly?

        • Just two in the World Series. In the World Baseball Classic, 16 nations qualified with some other ones that were eliminated in preliminary rounds.

          Of course, while the World Series features just teams from the US and Canada, good luck finding a roster with nothing but American and Canadian players.

          I can't really speak for bowling, but of the other three sports, American football is the only one "exclusively" American.

    • Mythril

      I hear Japan is super into baseball, actually. Also I'm sure they have at least one manga/anime about each of those four sports.

  • What makes it the weight of a bowling ball, if it's the size of a baseball and has the feel of a football? Or did you just crossbreed all of the balls and they just randomly have the properties?

    • Zach

      Platinum is dense enough that you'd get roughly a 10 and change pound baseball size. Cover it in leather, paint it orange and you're set. That would be a dang expensive sports ball though.

      • Philip

        You could get a little better results with an alloy of Osmium, potentially about 10.5 lb. Unfortunately, that's the densest material we've discovered that's stable at STP. Can't quite reach the standard 12-16 lb of a typical bowling ball.

        • That guy

          Man, wrap a 12lb shot put in orange painted cow-hide. Done.

  • Steve

    Soooo…. Snooker/billiards/pool? Golf? Tennis? Water polo? /Real/ polo? (Field) Hockey?

  • Somebody

    I had to read this about 3 times before I got it…. but now its funny 😀

  • Laugeo

    I wonder why it has to be the weight of a bowling ball.

    • Because it must be. USB rule #1

      • Kerry

        Will there be a woman's league? Will the ball be slightly lighter or the same as the men's? Can children play? How heavy would their ball be? Are there handicaps?

        • weegee93

          ummmmmmmmmmmm……. over-complication alert!!!! XD you dont REALLY need to know, it's just a comic. XD

    • Derpy

      Because it can

  • dylan647

    OH.MY.YES.JUST TAKE MY MONEYS ALREADY YOU GENIUS!!!! sorry. caps lock. but don't forget, i still have my puppy alarm clock coming in!

    • weegee93

      lol!!!! XD

  • I've spent most of my free time this week reading through LHT, DUIF, and Invisible Bread.
    I'm a bit of a webcomic fanatic, and I can honestly say that your websites contain a sort of personal connectivity that I haven't gotten anywhere else. I feel like we're friends. I'm familiar with frequent commenters. You speak to my soul with your comics so much that I think you may be a more talented incarnation of myself from elsewhere in the multiverse.

    Two questions, though:
    1.) Do you not make enough moolah via the webcomics to serve as your income, or do you just enjoy software engineering?
    2.) How can I see what you look like, short of meeting you? At the moment, I'm pretty convinced that you're a roundheaded, stick-appendaged figure in a striped shirt.

    • Hey man, thank you so much for the super awesome and kind words! I put a lot of the actual me into this comics, so it's really great to hear that it's coming through =)

      1) I really do enjoy software engineering. I do Invisible Bread because it's a really fun comic and it uses a different type of creativity that isn't used with writing code.

      2) Haha, at the moment, meeting me at a comic con is the best way to go. I don't have anything against putting my silly face on the internet. I just haven't found a good enough reason to do so yet.

  • C-doge

    It should have the pattern of a soccer ball as well

  • That Random Guy

    At first I thought it was an orange. That is, until I remembered that oranges don't weigh as much as bowling balls.

  • bausman

    Universal Sports Ball 2.0 is similar, except it has the pattern of a soccer/football ball.

  • WaffleTown

    This doesn’t work on mobile

  • Lauren Brown

    This comic won’t display for me.

  • Dave Harmon

    Congratulations, you have gained 4 sports points! You only need 96 more for Level 1!

  • Lauren Brown

    Was this comic removed, or is it glitched?