• Rick

    Can't wait for the Notre Dame game!

    • DITTO. It's gonna be on while I'm out of town for SLCC, but I will totally be watching it on my phone.

      GO BLUE =)

      • Zach

        I wish I could go. I'm in Provo and everything. Dang classes and work.

  • sirscribble

    Texas fan right there!

  • Are you back from Toronto? If so, where's the bonus panel for the comic labelled "Wow"?

    • I had just enough time when I got back to do this comic and a bonus panel. I'll have time today to finally put a proper bonus panel up for Wow.

  • Woo! I just spent the last few days reading all of the invisible breads and left-handed toons, and I just caught up!
    But now I have to wait for new ones like everyone else… :C

    Keep up the good work Justin, your comics are awesome(:

    • You read them all in just a couple days?! Wow, you rock!

      • I had a lot of free time hahaha

        …No that's not true at all, actually I've had tons of schoolwork.
        I've just been procrastinating a lotttt!

        But it's okay, I managed to find time for my work too 🙂

      • Once I read them all in one day. Plus bonus panels.

        Your Mediumest Fan

  • Jim

    That was easily the most terrifying bonus panel yet.

  • Sir Lulz

    Gonna have to wait until October to see games where Baylor didn't schedule a stomp : Here's to hoping TCU gets off on the right foot and maybe gets up a few seeds.

  • FellowAnon

    This is not football. Please get your shit together.

  • wwew

    You mean Handegg right?